Elders and Pastors

Adam Spence

Senior Pastor

Adam is happily married to his wife Jessica, and they have two wonderful little girls named Juliette and Charlotte. Adam has a degree in Law and Economics from UCT. He is the full-time pastor... Read More

Carlos Caldas

Lead Elder

Carlos and Paula have been married for over 30 years. Both Carlos and Paula are self-employed. Carlos owns an export trading business, supplying a variety of products nationally... Read More

Henning du Plessis


Henning and his wife Jenny have two precious children, Stephen and Kezia, who continually bless them with their accomplishments and talents. Within his group of companies... Read More

Jonathan Andrew


Jonathan enjoys coaching tennis when he has a spare moment, but primarily spends his time running his own business, providing extra accounting lessons to university students... Read More

Peter Brown


Peter and his wife Annie have 2 wonderful daughters, Jessica and Robyn. Jess is married to Adam Spence and they have given Peter and Annie their first grand-child... Read More

Xavier Marot


Xavier and his wife Natasha are still enjoying the "honeymoon stage" of their marriage and are confident it will never end. Kids are on the cards... Read More

Johan Oosthuizen

Trainee Elder

Johan and Annalize have been married since 2006. They both originally come from the Free State and declare so proudly... Read More

Justin Maier

Trainee Elder

Justin and his wife Natalie have been blessed with two precious daughters, Deryn and Paige who are also active participants in the life of the church... Read More

Jones Liwewe

Associate Pastor

Jones and Sungie are from Malawi and have been happily married for two years. Jones was employed as an associate pastor... Read More

Retired Pastors

Dr Christopher Peppler


Christopher has been happily married to Patricia since the age of 20, and they have two children, Lance and Karen, a daughter-in-law Tracey, a granddaughter Jessica... Read More

Colin Ekman


Colin has been married to his wife Lisa for more than 40 years. They have four amazing children Corene, Bruce, Kathleen and Justine, and five grandchildren. Corene and Bruce are both married... Read More

Office Staff

Gail Head

Church Secretary & PA to the Senior Pastor

Gail was married to Duncan for 29 years before he went home to be with his loving Saviour earlier this year. She has a married daughter and a granddaughter Erin... Read More

Lorraine Roden


Lorraine has been part of the Village Church family since 2011. She joined the office team as the church bookkeeper in 2015. She has two adult children... Read More
Jesse James


Jesse is originally from the small farming town of Tzaneen in Limpopo province. After finishing his schooling at Blue Mountain College, he moved to Johannesburg in 2013... Read More

Grounds Staff

Charles Mwale


Charles is originally from Malawi, where his two children live with his wife. He manages to get home from time to time to visit them. His wife spends much of the year here in South Africa... Read More

James Lebaka

Senior Caretaker

James has 2 wonderful teenage children, Tshidi and Dimpho. In his spare time, James enjoys the odd game of volleyball, and, if he’s feeling really energetic... Read More

Theo Mambolo


Theo, who is originally from Limpopo, is married. He and his wife have a wondeful son. If asked what he does in his spare time, he’ll only give one response... Read More