Christopher has been happily married to Patricia since the age of 20, and they have two children, Lance and Karen, a daughter-in-law Tracey, and two granddaughters Jessica and Kirsten. Chris has a Chow Chow dog by the name of Peppa.

When he gets a chance, Chris plays classical guitar, reads, and enjoys the company of friends and relatives.

Chris loves preaching, teaching, and developing church leaders. He is the founder of the South African Theological Seminary, was chairman of the board until 2015, and continues to play an active role in the postgraduate department. He is a passionate champion of the Christocentric (Jesus-centred Principle), an approach to biblical interpretation and theological construction that emphasises the centrality of Jesus. He is the author of several published books, and academic as well as general Christian articles. He writes a weekly blog at

Chris was the Lead Elder of the Village Church from 1987 to the end of 2014.